is the leading online social network and web portal for #philly social media content.  We combine trending content on the web, content our press team creates, and content from our contributors,  in an effort to become Philadelphia’s leading social media network.  As die hard Philadelphians, we wanted to create a place where the people of the Philadelphia could easily find and share trending social media, about their city. We hope that can be a social glue that helps better connect the city we all love.

A #philly social media network-A place to find today’s trending Philly content. Reported by Philly on social networks. 

We share media content created, posted, and shared by all of Philadelphia on all the major social networks.  If it’s relevant to Philly, it is relevant for us to share.

A media members network- “The AP of Philadelphia”

Our network consists of reporters who cover news and events under the PhillySocial name, and contributors, who contribute their original work to our site.  We combine the talents of local, independent, passionate, journalists who love to cover stories and create media. In addition, we provide a platform and name, whereby these talented people can be recognized.  To create media for us, or contribute your content to our site, please contact us.