Dating While Tailgating: “Taildating”  Debuts Sunday At Eagles Homeopener

By Chadd Levine, Co-Founder of PhillySocial.com

This Sunday, while the Eagles play their home opener against arch rivals the Dallas Cowboys, single fans can participate in a different kind of tailgate party. Thanks to a new company called Taildating, based out of Easton, Pa, singles can mingle in the parking lot, while enjoying pregame festivities as they normally would, including; lots of eating and drinking, some dancing, and intense beer pong playing.

We asked company founder George Daniel about his company’s fun twist on tailgating and their redefinition of the term, “multi-tasking”.

Q1-So how does this whole thing work?

It’s a tailgate party for singles only, that’s pretty much it! We invite people to come with friends (who are single as well...hopefully). The goal is to provide another place for singles to meet.  Participants will pay a $45 entry fee which will include food and alcohol.  There will be music and popular tailgate games, such as beer pong.  Football is a popular sport and tailgating is a popular activity, so it just makes sense.  This is very much a “no pressure” environment, we don’t force interaction, like speed dating.

Q2-What is your expected attendance?

This is our first one, so we are capping it at 50 people. We already have 40 tickets sold. And the ratio of males to females is pretty much 50/50.

Q3-So they meet at the tailgate party…then what?

Our goal is develop a niche social network which will allow participants to continue their conversations online, as well through an app.  None of which exist yet, but we are hoping to roll them out in the coming months.

Q4-Where did the idea for this concept come from?

I am the commissioner for the national lacrosse league.  Yes, the league the wings played in. So, I just saw it as a logical thing.  This is something that will truly preserve the “in-game” experience for fans, making them want to come to the game, instead of choosing to stay home.

Q5-Where do you see the future of “taildating”?

We see this is a year long thing, with a universal appeal at all sporting events, for all teams.  I have been in talks with several professional sports teams, in many other cities, and I see this as something that can hopefully catch on nationally.  But this our first one, so we are taking it as we go.

Some spots for this Sunday’s game are still available at Taildating.com, and we look forward to hearing more about this innovative dating concept in America’s best sports town.  Philadelphia, not just the city of brotherly love, but maybe the city to find love?

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