Philadelphia PA: The Eagles had a day off on Wednesday after being on the field for 3 straight days to open training camp and they returned to the practice field on Thursday at NovaCare Complex as we are 10 days away from the Eagles first preseason game vs. Indianapolis Colts on Sunday August 16 at 1PM at Lincoln Financial Field. Chip Kelly spoke to the media before Practice and said the following

The first question to start the press conference  was about Quarterback Sam Bradford and how he has looked during the 3 training camp practices and Chip said “I think Sam Bradford is getting back into the swing of things … Dealing with pass rush now for first time since getting back, it’s about getting back in the swing of things from a timing standpoint”, then was asked how Sam Bradford feels with the mechanics of his knee “Bradford feels very confident in the knee … We don’t see him favoring it at all”

Then the Tim Tebow question comes in and Chip said “Tim Tebow obviously has a lot of skills that other QBs don’t have, but we haven’t spent any time working out anything special for him”

then more questions started to come about the rest of the team including backup QB Matt Barkley and said “has really impressed in progress he’s made over last few months”, then he was asked about Ryan Mathews “Tough, hard, physical runner, Looking for tough guys who run downhill & was on the Eagles list to go after once free agency started”

Later on in the press conference, Chip Kelly was asked on his day-to-day responsibilities  compared to last year & said that “his day-to-day responsibilities  have not changed from last year in having personnel control, only difference is final say”

There was a questions about 1st round pick Nelson Agholor “Getting better everyday, catches ball away from his body, has a extra gear that a lot of guys don’t have, also impressed us an a returner, very pleased with him the last 3 days” then asked about Denzel Rice “He seems to have a unique knack for always being around the ball”

Later on, a question came about former Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin “We always wanted to keep Jeremy Maclin, we just got outbid.”

About Darren Sproles “Just another versatile player, its year 2 for him, feels comfortable with the running backs”

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