Philadelphia PA:  All NFL teams are in their training camps to get ready for the start of the 2015 season & in Philadelphia, the buzz around the teams is some thing to keep talking about with all the moves they have made this offseason. On Sunday the Philadelphia Eagles hosted the 2nd and final public training camp practice at Lincoln Financial Field and it was their Military Day celebration.  During the National Anthem, a plane flew over the stadium with a banner that was sponsored by Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy and other Dallas fans saying  “We Still Dem Boyz ‪#‎SacksComing‬.”  and the Eagles fans responded with massive BOOOOOOOOOO and “Dallas SUCKS” chants, Below is the picture of the plane flying the banner
Cowboys Banner

Practice got started after all the Eagles players shook the hands of the 300 retired & active military personal who were on hand for the practice.  Individual drills got things started, Cody Parkey would hit field goal from 58 yards, then from 60 yards and to finish the drill he would hit from 70 yards out, that is one area the Eagles don’t have to worry about with the field goal kicker. Matt Barkley would have a couple good throws including to  2015 1st round pick Nelson Agholor down the sidelines.

The big free agent signing the Eagles signed was Byron Maxwell who played in the last 2  Super Bowls with the Seattle Seahawks had a couple pass breaks up down on sidelines. Tim Tebow would have a couple good throws and also had a couple good runs. During the redzone drill, Tebow would find Riley Cooper for touchdown, then Mark Sanchez to Nelson Agholor for Touchdown, later on in practice, Trey Burton would have a very nice 1 handed catch on sidelines, then Sam Bradford would throw a nice pass to WR Josh Huff for a touchdown during 7 on 7 drill. Byron Maxwell would break a Mark Sanchez pass that would have been a touchdown to Josh Huff. Bradofrd would find his tight end Ertz for a touchdown during another 7 on 7 drill.

Near the end of practice, Eagles fans got a scare as Darren Sproles would run down field and run into 2015 6th round pick JaCorey Shepherd and Shephard would remain down on the field, then get carted off the field, Tebow would have a touchdown run during 7 on 7 drill. During the 11 on 11 drill, Sam Bradford would throw a nice pass to Jordan Matthews on the sidelines and finish off the drive with a pass to Cooper in the end zone. Practice would end with Tebow running 11 on 11 drill. The Eagles would announce a crowd of 43,000 in attendance to see the final training camp  practice. After practice was over the Eagles would say that JaCorey Shepherd scheduled to have an MRI on his right leg on Monday. The next time fans would see the Eagles play at Lincoln Financial Field would be Sunday August 16 when the Eagles host the Indianapolis Colts to open the Preseason.

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