Philadelphia PA:  There has been a lot of fallout from the Philadelphia Eagles releasing pro bowl guard Evan Mathis back on June 12 and there are still more questions on why the Eagles just released him instead of trading him or even trying to make a deal to fix his contract.

Evan Mathis spoke for the 1st time on Friday with Harry Mayes and Rob Ellis on 97.5 The Fanatic here in Philadelphia and answered several questions about being released

“I knew it was a possibility and express my emotion, there is a lot of emotion involved, I built my career as an Eagle & the fans , the city sill means a lot to me” support

How did it all come to this “Chip said in the end it was about money, I think chip has a certain amount of money for each  position and a range for it and value for guard and type of incentives that I was making and seen it taken out of range that was reasonable for a guard”

knowing all of that, why did it get to this “From my point of view, I look at it what I averaged over the 2 years in Philadelphia, I adv. bonus and salary just over $3M a year and then I compare it to the top 5 guards in the league & they averaged $8M a year, I know I was coming up in a year & scheduled to have $5.5M opportunity to have incentive allow me to get closer to top 5 money based on performance”

Communication between Chip and your Agent “Drew Rosenhaus asked Chip if you weren’t willing to do a deal will you release. And it is hard to trade a 34-year old guard”

Was the Eagles or his gent Drew Rosenhaus Mislead, “I don’t think so, There is no bad blood. It’s business”

About his former team mates on comments about release: “I personally would stay out of commenting on somebody else’s contract situation, there is a good chance you end up in the situation or you been there before, does not make sense to comment on someone else situation like that”

Buying into Chip’s program: “I was on board and did everything that was asked of me, only thing that I did not do was part of it was missing the voluntary OTA’s” then was asked if he showed up to the OTA’s, would he been a Eagles today “I have no idea”

Regrets about how situation was handled: “Not really. I’ve seen people handle it way worse and end up benefiting”

then he was asked about how Chip’s shaping of the roster: “There’s so many different ways to analyze it that may or may not be true”

Message to the Eagles Fans “I appreciate Philadelphia. The fanbase has always been great. It’s very close to my heart”

Podcast of Entire interview

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